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    Talent view:
    Yi Laide always adheres to "to attract people with development, to unite people with career, to cultivate people with work,
    "Evaluate people by performance". We view employees as the most valuable assets of the enterprise,
    And always with a long-term development vision to discover talents, cultivate talents, use talents, fully tap the potential of employees,
    Promote the common growth of employees and the company.

    education system:
    Yi Laide attaches great importance to the echelon construction of talents and the career growth of employees, and constantly strengthens the training and development of employees,
    Strive to build a high-quality and creative team.
    The company's training system is as follows:
    New employee training-help newcomers understand the company and quickly integrate into the team;
    Safety education and training-Responsible for the safety of employees, let employees work safely;
    Job skill training-enhance professional skills of employees and ensure that people are doing their best;
    Management skills training-improve the comprehensive quality of employees and shape the core competitiveness;

    Career development channels:
    In order to establish the company's talent echelon and cultivate a reserve talent team, the company has established a two-way promotion career in management and technology
    Development channels, as follows:
    Management sequence: team leader-process leader-supervisor-director-deputy manager-manager-deputy director-director
    ——Deputy General Manager——General Manager
    Technical sequence: Technician / Laborator—Assistant Engineer / Senior Labman—Engineer / Senior Labman—Supervisor Engineer / Researcher
    ——Chief Engineer / Senior Researcher

    Elite vows:
    Today, I choose to challenge the road full of hardships and more unlimited opportunities. I want to go all out to create a miracle in life. Let us start now:
    Be grateful to others, restrain yourself, do your best to things, cherish things!


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