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    Six conjectures for the air-conditioning appliance market in 2020

    Release date:2020-02-17

      At the end of 2020 and the beginning of the year, looking at the performance of the home appliance industry in 2019, one word is "difficult" and the two words are "difficult". From the beginning of the year to the end of the year, from secret fights to open fights, from small cards to big cards, one after another, the firepower is full. Many home appliance manufacturers are seeking a "high-quality development, transformation and development" in the next 10 years, a historic breakthrough that must be made. Today, the editor boldly makes a prediction for the development of the home appliance industry in the next year ...

      Conjecture 1. Smart air conditioning "purchase by rent" is the trend

      Imagine that if you are still a college student, you can drink straight water at any time when you are exercising in the gym; when the exercise is over, you can turn on the air conditioning in advance with the mobile phone APP on the way back to the dormitory. Comfortable; after returning to the dormitory, there are a full range of appliances such as shoe cabinet deodorizers, direct drinking water equipment, washing machines, microwave ovens, etc., to meet the needs of various use scenarios ... This is what the future smart campus looks like. distant.

     Usually, a university needs to apply for a year's budget for purchasing air conditioners, and some new campuses often cost tens of millions of yuan. If the BOT model is adopted, as long as a social force is introduced, the air conditioner can be installed in the dormitory for free, and students can use it by paying rent. On the one hand, it alleviates the school's financial pressure; on the other hand, all the work related to air-conditioning management, after-sales service and student operation are undertaken by the operator, and the school is only responsible for the supervision of the operator.

    Conjecture 2. “The strictest” air-conditioning energy efficiency new national standard has been released, and 45% of air-conditioning products in the market may be eliminated

      Recently, the official website of the National Standardization Administration of the People's Republic of China shows that the new national air-conditioning energy efficiency standard approved by the State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration (National Standardization Administration) has been released recently.

      The full name of the new standard for air conditioning energy efficiency is GB21455 "Limited Values and Levels of Energy Efficiency of Room Air Conditioners" (hereinafter referred to as the "new national standard"). The first edition was proposed in 1989 and has undergone a total of 6 revisions so far. Seven times, the revised standard has been called the most stringent energy efficiency standard in the industry to date.

      But for companies, it's not so good. According to industry insiders, after the introduction of the new national standard, air-conditioning energy efficiency will increase by 14% in 2020 and 30% by 2022. Through the adjustment of the frequency conversion and fixed-frequency air-conditioning market structure, the overall entry threshold for the Chinese air-conditioning market around 2022 Will increase by about 30%. This means that 45% of the air-conditioning products in the market today may be eliminated.

      Conjecture 3. Will central air-conditioning companies join the heating competition in the north?

      At the end of the year, the northern heating remained the focus of the entire industry. In addition to the air source heat pump industry, the central air-conditioning company that is the most direct competitor also has further development in the northern heating market.

      In fact, the central air-conditioning enterprises have been immersed in the northern market for a longer period of time. Through long-term accumulation and development, the central air-conditioning enterprises have gained a customer base, mastered market resources in the north, and also established a channel network, but only then They mainly focus on air-conditioning products.

      From the overall point of view, the central air-conditioning companies seem to be more keen to do something general, and the air-source heat pump companies like the hard-working ants continue to break each point one by one. We do n’t know where the market will fall in the end ...

      Conjecture 4. The overdue service problem of home appliances will be broken

      On January 10, the “Household Appliances Safe Use Period” series of standards (hereinafter referred to as “standards”) formulated by the China Household Electrical Appliances Association was officially released, covering refrigerators and wine cabinets, air conditioners, washing machines and dryers, range hoods Eight products in six categories of gas stoves and electric water heaters.

     "Standard" explains the safe service life of eight products in six categories, including refrigerators. Among them, the safe life of domestic refrigerators and wine cabinets, room air conditioners is 10 years, the safe life of domestic washing machines and dryers, range hoods, and household gas stoves is 8 years; the safe life of air conditioners is from the production date Counted from the date of sale.

      At the "Standard" press conference, the responsible persons of more than a dozen leading companies in the home appliance industry promised to adopt the standard and actively conduct consumer education to guide the market to eliminate overdue products ...

      Conjecture 5. The home appliance service industry will become an important procurement project in 2020

    Imagine if one day, you purchase an air conditioner, the merchant no longer provides any after-sales service, neither delivery nor installation, what should I do?

    Home appliance service industry is an important part of modern service industry. According to authoritative data, in 2018, China's tertiary industry service industry accounted for more than 52% of GDP, and household appliance service industry revenue exceeded 600 billion yuan.

    In China's government procurement market, home appliance service industry is one of the key industries. According to the "Catalogue of Government Procurement Items", China's government procurement items are divided into three categories: goods, engineering and services. Among them, household appliances belong to the category of goods, including more than ten product categories such as refrigeration appliances, air conditioning appliances, and sanitary appliances; service categories include repair and maintenance services such as household refrigeration and air conditioning ...

    Conjecture 6. The procurement of electrical appliances will also have the following changes

    There will be a new revolution in the refrigeration and heating industry, and new green energy-saving and environmentally friendly energy sources will emerge, such as biomass power generation, and natural environmental working fluids have received more and more attention, such as propane, cyclopropane, isobutane, water, ammonia, Air and carbon dioxide.

    Internet companies will enter the traditional air-conditioning appliances market, including Huawei, Xiaomi and other companies have entered the home appliance industry, inspiring home appliance companies to exchange prices for prices and stimulate consumption, thereby increasing scale and stimulating growth, resulting in a more fierce price war.

    The business opportunities of the "single economy" are worth paying attention to. The "single economy" is a product of the times, and from a certain level, it is also a reflection of economic development.


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